Introducing Stall Cooling by CowKühlerZ.
A Precisely Engineered System.

Focused and variable air speed, up to 35 mph
Intelligent water cooling over the stalls that will not wet the bedding
24/7 smart monitoring of THI and system control

Keep your cows cool, where they need it most … in their stalls!

Stall Cooling by CowKühlerZ increases milk production by improving lying time, resting and rumination.


  • Focused, powerful airflow provides maximum cooling
  • Year-round cool, comfortable climate in the stalls
  • No wet bedding
  • No standing cows


  • Improved production
  • Better reproduction
  • Healthier herd


  • Year round monitoring of humidity and temperature
  • Adjusts to the cows’ needs
  • No need for employee intervention
  • Testimonial
    Dave Doody, Union Bridge, MD

    I have had a soaker system for 10 years and all it did was waste water. Since installing CowKühlerZ™ I haven’t had to clean out the feed bunk and the cows eat like crazy.

  • Testimonial
    Justin Risser, Meadow Vista Dairy, Lancaster, PA

    We installed CowKühlerZ™  over the freestalls of one of our high groups in the summer 2013. The high group directly across the feed aisle had no cooling over the freestalls. Both pens had bunkline soakers.  We observed that the pen with CowKühlerZ™  over the stalls had stronger feed intake consistently throughout the summer and during several heat events. You could see the difference each morning with more feed disappearance compared to the pen directly across the aisle.

  • Testimonial
    Scott Hinsch, Hinsch Farms, Goodhue, MN

    CowKühlerZ helped our cows by making them more comfortable in the heat of summer. The CowKühlerZ over the sand bedded stalls encouraged the cows to lay in the stalls even when it was hot. The more the cows lay down the less lameness that occurs. The CowKühlerZ system uses a fraction of the water that a fence line soaker system uses. We are very pleased that we had the CowKühlerZ system installed on our farm.

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