What are the benefits of preventing heat stress with CowKühlerZ?

Heat stress can cause an increase in mastitis, fall lameness, metabolic and respiratory issues. Each of these heat stress related issues has an impact, what could reducing them look like?

Many farms experience a drop in summer production, some as much as 10-30% due to heat stress. What could maintaining production levels through summer look like?

During the summer, many farms suffer from lower summer reproduction rates. What could maintaining conception rates through summer look like?

A fully automated system

The CowKühlerZ System monitors the environment in your dairy barn 24/7 and adjusts the variable speed KühlBlu fans accordingly, delivering a very focused, high-velocity air stream. When needed, the precision timed KühlerZ nozzles add fine water droplets to the airstream. These droplets land on the cow and act like evaporating sweat, creating a chilling effect on her Core Body Temperature keeping her in her optimal thermal zone.

kuhlerz how it works

The CowKühlerZ™ Formula

(THI+Control) + (Focused Air) + (Added Sweat) = Optimal CBT 24/7

The complete CowKühlerZ™ formula has one result: Optimal Core Body Temperature

When the environment in your dairy barn changes, the CowKühlerZ system reacts quickly and precisely to proactively prevent your cows from the effects of heat stress. Your cow’s comfort is covered, giving you peace of mind. Pleasant side effects include:

• Cooler ambient air in the barn

• Minimal water usage

• Energy-saving, highly efficient KühlBlu Fan

The CowKühlerZ™ System

Precisely engineered, to efficiently keep your cows comfortably cool.


24/7 smart monitoring of THI and system control.


Focused & variable air speed. Up to 35 mph at minimal power consumption.


Intelligent water cooling over the stalls.


Dry bedding, minimal water consumption.

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